Y2k tops

So you are looking into getting the sexiest and trendiest Y2k tops to go with your outfit? 🔥 Look no further! Here we have put together varied styles that can elevate any jeans or skirts that you wear and give you that distinct Y2k style.

Buy a Y2k tube top

The tube top is the go-to piece for a night out. You would be surprised how versatile it could be! With a Y2k tube top you can have a chic look by just showing off your shoulders… or be playful by showcasing also your midriff.

Once worn by Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw and J Lo, now it’s spotted on the likes of Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.

Looking for a Y2k halter top?

Grab yourself one of these tops! Whether you opt for a cropped style or tuck it into a pair of jeans, the Y2k halter top is a guaranteed stunner that is universally flattering.

Tailor the top based on the look you are going for. The sensual designs can vary from a sequined butterfly top style made famous by Mariah Carey or simply a scarf tied around your neck à la Christina Aguilera.

Y2k cami – the best summer basic

One staple of the 90s style is a detailed Y2k cami. It can be a simple cotton cami with lace details, rhinestones, beaded, or a silk slip-style… You can really do no wrong with these basics!

Everyone in the early 2000s was wearing a lace tank top Y2k and was even made famous by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in The Simple Life. Don’t you remember?

Shop a cute Y2k tie front top

The Y2k tie-front top really made a comeback with a fresh update of pastel tones and ribbed fabrics. It is one of the Y2k essentials!

You can style this piece like a cardigan with a cute bralette or t-shirt, or even nothing underneath to create a super fresh look. We specially like the old-school mesh patterns. Discover them!

Need a Y2k tank top?

The cool girls before and the E-girls nowadays always have a cool Y2k tank top on! It could be a simple white one that could go with any outfit, or one that has a colorful graphic design that makes a statement. Check out our best selection of Y2k tank tops.

A slim fit crop style would go really well with loose-fitting jeans or pleated skirts. It can give you a casual vintage street style look…

Our best Y2k baby tees

These teeny tiny shirts are cropped above the belly button and are larger fit across the chest. Y2k baby tees were one of the trendies outfits in the early 2000s… And so are now!

Always choose tops with quirky quotes, cute characters or sparkly patterns on the front, or go full 2000s with iconic Y2K brands like Fiorucci or Juicy Couture.

Snatch a cool Y2k long sleeves shirt

Pick a design that perfectly encapsulates the Y2k aesthetic, this means something shiny and futuristic but with a retro edge. We have Y2k long sleeve shirts and tops from all colors and styles! V-neck or turtleneck, floral or graphic, black or pink… it is entirely up to you.

Be bold! This trend is not subtle so try to have fun and not take yourself too seriously. 😉

Looking for a DIY Y2k top tutorial?

Some of you might be wondering… What if I already have some shirts and I just want to transform them into a cute Y2k top? We can help you with that! Or rather our dear Fashion Wizardy… 💖

Starting with one T-shirt, you are going to discover two super simple ways to transform them into fancy Y2k tops. Try it out with your old clothes or even a football shirt, and give a new life to those clothes that you no longer use!


DIY Wrap Top From A T-Shirt (Two Ways)

Along with Y2k tops, we also recommend…


plastic butterfly hair clips

These playful accessories complete an otherwise boring look.


a sexy and cute costume from an early 2000s movie

Why not go all in? Dress up as your favorite character during Y2k era!


green rectangle Y2k sunglasses

Flex your Y2k fashion with the coolest sunglasses and protect your beautiful eyes from the Sun.

Hats & Caps

pink trucker hat with Y2k design

We predict these hats and caps are here to stay!


heart belt chain worn with red skirt with heart design

Make a statement and make your jewelry louder than anyone else.


lime green Y2k wide-legged cargo pants

Dare to be different with cargo pants, capris and pants in shiny material.


denim pleated Y2k skirt with butterfly chain belt

Whether you like them micro-mini or longer, try on varying styles that best suit you.