Y2k skirts

Don’t be afraid to embrace your femininity! Y2k skirts and girl power ruled the late 90s and early 2000s. Mariah Carey, TLC and Christina Aguilera topped the pop charts, and Clueless and Mean Girls were imprinted in the consciousness of a generation of teens.

Here we’ve collected some Y2k style of skirts from micro, mini or a little bit longer. So shop on the hottest and the most affordable choices. 💅

Buy a Y2k micro skirts

This is the iconic Y2k-era silhouette used to be worn by idols like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Rihanna in the early ‘00s.

Wear the updated version of the micro mini which is low-rise, fitted, and cropped short. Don’t you also forget to partner it with a cool tie-front top and high boots or chunky sneakers to give it a fresher look.

Shop some cute Y2k mini skirts

Get the Y2k look by wearing form-fitting mini skirts with vibrant colors. Moreover, if you want your look to be a bit elevated, choose some textiles that remind you of the early 2000s like leather, wool, or even latex.

Do you want to be bold? Then try the infamous whale tail with your mini skirt. This look gives the seductive impression of wearing a g-string, without really going through the trouble of wearing one.

Find your perfect Y2k pleated skirt

Be a Bratz Doll and wear this universally-flattering skirt. The vertical accordion pleats shows off your figure and creates a girly look.

Giving off a soft girl vibe can be done easily by picking preppy tennis-style skirt. Whereas a grungy skater look can be achieved by opting for a denim pleated skirt.

Discover amazing Y2k plaid skirts

The plaid print, especially in bright hues is the standard Y2k print. It has a school girl retro twist, but a futuristic look with the graphic design.

You can add a bit of lace and bring out a Harajuku impression or go for a pleated version that can be worn with your argyle loose vest.

Get the best Y2k slip skirts

The slip skirt is the perfect match for the cropped ribbed tank top… or for most of the crop tops actually. It adds a feminine and sexy touch to an otherwise casual outfit.

A high-waist mini version goes well with a loose sweater. While, a midi version along with your baguette bag can add a bit more polish. Just remember to go for a light fabric like satin or silk, so it can cling nicely to your body.

Buy some Y2k midi skirts

The midi skirt is the best way to showcase all your beloved prints and textiles in the Y2k style. Plaid, floral or with hearts, you can’t really go wrong with choosing any of these prints.

As for textiles, you can pick out a stiff denim midi or even go maxi.

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orange short halter Y2k dress

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Hoodies & Sweaters

loose purple hoodie with embellished butterfly design

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denim Y2k wide-legged jeans with floral design

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Jackets & Coats

pink faux y2k fur jacket mixed with black latex outfit

Brrr it’s cold in here! Heat it up with these hot jackets.


pink platform Y2k jelly shoes

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