Y2k shoes

Selecting the best pair of shoes is critical… and we know it! Not only because they need to be in line with the rest of your outfit, but because every shoe should be worn in a specific situation. At the beach, cinema, university, at a fancy party or just discovering a new city, you will need to carefully select the best pair. And here you’ll find affordable Y2k shoes for any event! 😎

We have divided this page into -what we think- are the most iconic types of shoes: heels, chunky shoes, sandals, boots and sneakers. All of them, of course, with a special early 2000s touch.

Buy Y2k heels

Your friends will fall off the chair when they look at you wearing these “hotties”. Ideal for a party or a formal encounter, these heels won’t leave anyone indifferent.

The coolest Y2k chunky shoes

You can never go wrong with a chunky shoe! They go well with any Y2k outfit, not to mention they give you all the comfort and elevation you´ll be needing. Platform mary janes pain nicely with pleated skirts, chunky loafers and workman boots compliment the bottom heavy silhouette of baggy jeans.

Get the nicest Y2k sandals

Warm sun, tanned body and… sweaty feet? PLEASE NO! Wearing Y2k slippers, sandals or flip-flops will help you keep your feet dry, cool and HOT (at the same time). Go with a slipper or a flip-flop style, just make sure that they always have a platform to them. That doesn´t exclude our beloved Crocs and Jelly sandals.

Looking for some Y2k boots?

A good pair of boots can save you in any season, specially Autumn and Winter. The most important thing when looking for your perfect set is: pick a color (Y2k black boots are one of the trendiest), select the design (chunky, fur, knee high or platform boots) and try them out! We even added the UGGs for you to pair with your velour tracksuit.

Snatch the coolest Y2k sneakers

The late ’90s was a time when industrial progress and social change where twinned with a growing enthusiasm for sports. And sneakers appeared not only for that, but a symbol of youth and health. Specially famous among rappers, this type of shoes have broken all sales records wherever they go.

From the famous Nike Air max (or AF1) to Sketchers, the sneakers are probably the most emblematic Y2k aesthetic shoes.

Along with Y2k shoes, we also recommend…


plastic butterfly hair clips

These playful accessories complete an otherwise boring look.


a sexy and cute costume from an early 2000s movie

Why not go all in? Dress up as your favorite character during Y2k era!


green rectangle Y2k sunglasses

Flex your Y2k fashion with the coolest sunglasses and protect your beautiful eyes from the Sun.

Hats & Caps

pink trucker hat with Y2k design

We predict these hats and caps are here to stay!


heart belt chain worn with red skirt with heart design

Make a statement and make your jewelry louder than anyone else.


lime green Y2k wide-legged cargo pants

Dare to be different with cargo pants, capris and pants in shiny material.