Y2k pants

So jeans are not for you? Go for our collection of hottest Y2k pants but with all the comfort. 🔥

We’ve rounded up the best and most fashionable Y2k trousers on the market. At the best price! You will definitely find your perfect pair, no matter your aesthetic preference.

Check them all!

The coolest Y2k cargo pants

With your cargo pants and its limitless pockets, no one can’t stop you cause you’ll be Kim Possible! Pair this urban bottom with a slinky top or body suit, and add a cropped denim jacket to elevate the look. Fresh!

Looking for Y2k printed pants?

Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist by heart, you can´t miss out on this trend. It will definitely give your wardrobe a much needed statement piece. Even just by mixing it up with a white tank top, this y2k trousers will give you a nostalgic and modern flair.

Cute and affordable Y2k cutout pants

In the early noughties, letting the string of a sexy underwear peek through was not frowned upon at all. This was definitely a lewk, but don’t let the discomfort of wearing a g-sttring deter you from trying this trend. The updated version involves tries that goes with the pants and cutouts that givve off the alluring illusion.

Buy some Y2k flare pants

When paired with chunky shoes, this retro style of pants becomes an iconic Y2k silhouette. But if you are more into heels, just don’t forget to balance it out with a casual top.

Check this leather Y2k pants

Do you still remember the Dirty-era of Christina Aguilera? Well, it’s still burned in my brain. She awakened the sexuality to any young girl’s heart. But we were too young then to dress up like that. So now take the chance, wear this out and Let’s get dirrrty!

Y2k jogging pants for the most sporty!

Off to somewhere or just lounging at home? Does it really matter? What the lockdown has shown us is that we can be comfortable yet stylish. With these collection of Y2k-approved jogging pants, you’ll be ready to go on the get-go!

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orange short halter Y2k dress

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Hoodies & Sweaters

loose purple hoodie with embellished butterfly design

Add up a cozy hoodie with your cute tee and low-rise jeans. Don´t forget the rhinestones!


denim Y2k wide-legged jeans with floral design

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Jackets & Coats

pink faux y2k fur jacket mixed with black latex outfit

Brrr it’s cold in here! Heat it up with these hot jackets.