Y2k hoodies and sweaters

Upgrade your street style with these comfy Y2k hoodies, sweatshirts and vests! 🤩 Choose from our selection of classy argyle prints to oversized dad vests. And, of course, if you really want to be a noughties it-girl, don’t miss out on our most comfortable and affordable graphic terry hoodies. You can even pair them up with jogging pants and UGGs to achieve the “I woke up like this” look.

Buy a cool Cyber Y2k hoodie

The cyber design is inspired by dark retro-futuristic elements. Wearing a Y2k zip up hoodies will give you a very laid-back look filled with angst. Pick the color that best suits you and be ready to feel cosy!

Need a Graphic Y2k hoodie?

Go big or go home! That’s what should inspire you to go for logos, butterflies, skulls, rhinestones or any strong print to draw anyone’s attention. Still missing a skull zip up hoodie? Check these out!

Shop a Y2k Nike hoodie or sweatshirt

You can get the vintage Nike look without scouring thrift shops. Here is our selection of vintage-inspired Nike hoodies and sweatshirts.

These colorful Nike Y2k sweatshirts were made popular by the most famous athletes in world during the 90s and 2000s, and now you are there to follow in their glorious footsteps.

Buy the ideal Y2k sweatshirts

A versatile piece for for any streetstyle, as you can literally wear the sweatshirt in any occasion. Either black, brown or white, here are some items that you can rock with your Y2k style. And if you are looking for oversized style, we also got it for you. 😉

Get your favorite Y2k cropped hoodie

If you want to keep your look sensual but casual, then the cropped hoodie is perfect for you! This can be partnered with micro mini skirts and low-rise jeans.

Discover our best Y2k knit sweaters

These are not the sweaters your grandma used to knit for you. We are talking about eye-catching fashion sweaters with an array of colors and designs. Try them out for yourself!

Find a fancy Y2k skull sweater

With the turn of the millenium, came also the admiration for skull and skeleton designs. So how about you try incorporating this design into your wardrobe to add a bit of a Y2k twist.

Snatch an argyle Y2k sweater

Do you want to look like a preppy school girl? Then this is the Y2k item for you! A brightly colored argyle print makes things cute, while a muted oversized argyle sweater incorporates a masculine touch.

Looking for a cute Y2k vest?

The knitted vest is an item you didn’t know you needed, then it again adds a lot of personality to your outfit. It can elevate a boring shirt and pants into a smart and cool look.

You can choose between diamonds, rectangles or even hearts, all lovingly embroidered to create a delicate and vintage Y2k sweater.

Along with Y2k hoodies and sweaters, we also recommend…


plastic butterfly hair clips

These playful accessories complete an otherwise boring look.


a sexy and cute costume from an early 2000s movie

Why not go all in? Dress up as your favorite character during Y2k era!


green rectangle Y2k sunglasses

Flex your Y2k fashion with the coolest sunglasses and protect your beautiful eyes from the Sun.