Y2k hats and caps

Let’s bring back the early aughts by reviving its love for Y2k trucker caps and bucket hats! 😉 This was the time when minimalism didn’t exist and people just wanted to have fun with fashion, even if it seemed to be of bad taste. But don’t you worry, it’s now time for you to join this trend and celebrate the return of the noughties after such a boring time in lockdown.

We have modern, colorful and high quality -but cheap- Y2k hats and caps that you can use in almost any situation. Try one out!

Buy Y2k trucker caps

A trucker hat (also known as mesh cap or netback cap) is a type of baseball cap that originated in the early ’80s as a promotional gift from food stores and farm supply companies. These companies gave them away as a gift because they were cheap to produce and very adjustable. However, the main reason they became popular is because of their front panel: it was used to place company logos!

Celebrities like Paris Hilton to Ashton Kutcher and companies such as Ed Hardy and Von Dutch made this trend a household name back in the early 2000s. And now they are back again, with much even cooler designs!

Shop a fancy cyber Y2k hat

The word “cyber” relates to the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality… you’re right, it relates to the Y2k culture! A cyber Y2k cap is just any type of hat that you can imagine but with a fresh, modern and colorful touch. Something you might need to change up your look…

Get the best Y2k bucket hat

In the ’80s and ’90s, the hip-hop community started to use fashion bucket hats (some say that American rappers started the headwear style), specially during video clips and album covers. If you want to be part of the noughties, check the following items!

Along with Y2k hats and caps, we also recommend…


Nails with Y2k aesthetic of pink glittery flames

Amp up your look with the trendiest nail designs of Y2k.

Baby tees

baby tee with angel logo in the middle

Some of the cutest trends of early 2000s were baby tees and T-shirts that show off your quirky personality.


orange short halter Y2k dress

Find a style of dress that will never go out of fashion. Dress up and be a Y2k babe.

Hoodies & Sweaters

loose purple hoodie with embellished butterfly design

Add up a cozy hoodie with your cute tee and low-rise jeans. Don´t forget the rhinestones!