Y2k dresses

In keeping up with the girl power from the 90s and early 2000s, here is our selection of ultra feminine Y2k dresses that are back in trend again. πŸš€ From all colors and styles but always keeping the aesthetics of this movement (and of course, your budget in mind!).

Don’t miss out on these fabulous dresses that you can rock in the warmer weather, as well as in the colder months. Enjoy and get some fresh ideas for your closet!

Buy a button front Y2k dress

This sexy yet casual dress will hug your curves in the best way possible. Wear the sleeveless printed version when it’s hot outside, and go for a jewel tone and tights once the temperature drops.

These are, without a doubt, the quintessential Y2k aesthetic outfits, so check them out before they sell out!

Check out our Y2k Mesh dresses

Looking for some Y2k outfit inspo? The 90s era loved translucent materials and mesh was definitely one of them. To get the look right, choose a mesh with a wild print and cutouts. And don’t forget to throw on you faux fur coat just to make it really hot. πŸ˜‰

Y2k slip dress on sale

This absolutely gorgeous dress doesn’t deserve to just stay in the bedroom. You should don it with a tee underneath when going to the supermarket. While a cowl neck slip dress with a choker is a perfect outfit for a girl’s night out.

For the lovers of colors: pink, black, red, green, blue, white… You want it? We have it!

Shop some Y2k lace cami dresses

Towards the end of grunge, the cami dress moved over to the Y2k era with a more vibrant and punchy print. This is why this type is, without a doubt, an iconic Y2k 90s dress. The lace trim on these dresses give a dainty touch to an otherwise sexy E-girl look.

Discover a fancy Y2k printed dress

Let’s not forget the cyber design and vibrant prints that were the epitome of the Y2k aesthetic. In here we’ve collected a whole range of dresses with micro or macro prints, vintage and modern at the same time. Is that even possible? πŸ˜›

Top quality halter dresses

The universal popularity of the halter dress comes with a reason… it just simply suits everyone. It’s defining feature is that it reveals skin in the most unexpected ways and highlights your shoulders and collarbones.

Pick a more conservative style or a plunging V neck, either way you can’t go wrong with having a halter dress on.

Our best Y2k cutout dresses

The sexy cutout dress was the rage in the catwalk last season and for most of the Y2k era. But this look is not just for models or those with perfect bodies, you can sport a cutout dress in more ways than one. Check out our Y2k cutout dresses that give a variety of choices from small slits to full side panels.

Buy the ideal matching set

Include this in your night-out wardrobe, ’cause you would surely heat up the club. Everyone won’t help but turn their heads when you pass by with these matching sets on. These pieces can also be mixed and matched with basics in your closet (such a colorful mini skirt) to make them fresher by exuding the Y2k vibe.

Wear a midi or maxi Y2k dress

These are not midi and maxi dresses for the faint-hearted! These dresses will show off your body and make a loud statement with their prints. Whether you are looking for a formal dress or one to wear on those party nights with friends, here you have a very interesting selection.

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