Y2k cardigans

Get ready to dress to the nines with our picks of cardigans! 😉 From Y2k knit cardigans to fur cardigans, we’ve selected some of the coolest cover-ups the market has to offer.

Buy a Y2k cropped cardigan

A cropped cardigan balances loose jeans and complements low-rise skirts. You can take a pick from y2k green cardigan, knits with kitsch prints, or sexy boleros.

The best Y2k fur cardigans here!

If you want to add some urban glam to your look then look no further than a fur cardigan. Here is our pick of Y2k pink cardigans and printed ones that will surely go well with all your other outfits.

Snatch a Y2k flower cardigan

A floral print can add a dash of girliness to an otherwise plain look. Furthermore, the Y2k floral cardigans differ from the others by its vibrant and punchy colors. So don’t even bother asking grandma to knit you these sweaters. We’ve already done the work for you and put together the trendiest and cheapest Y2k floral cardigans there are in the market.

Shop some Y2k mesh cardigans

Going on a night-out? This is the piece for you! The mesh cardigan perfectly shows off your sexy underwear while remaining “covered-up”. Indeed, it’s such a seductive piece of the Y2k aesthetic. Which is why we can’t help but drool over these pieces we’ve selected.

Looking for a Y2k ribbed cardigan?

These are not the ones you use for your office. Our collection of ribbed cardigans are sexy and fitting, just to show off your bangin’ figure. They go well with low-rise jeans and plaid skirts.

Along with Y2k cardigans, we also recommend…


Nails with Y2k aesthetic of pink glittery flames

Amp up your look with the trendiest nail designs of Y2k.

Baby tees

baby tee with angel logo in the middle

Some of the cutest trends of early 2000s were baby tees and T-shirts that show off your quirky personality.


orange short halter Y2k dress

Find a style of dress that will never go out of fashion. Dress up and be a Y2k babe.

Hoodies & Sweaters

loose purple hoodie with embellished butterfly design

Add up a cozy hoodie with your cute tee and low-rise jeans. Don´t forget the rhinestones!


denim Y2k wide-legged jeans with floral design

Try something new with these grungy, wide-legged, and low-rise jeans.

Jackets & Coats

pink faux y2k fur jacket mixed with black latex outfit

Brrr it’s cold in here! Heat it up with these hot jackets.


pink platform Y2k jelly shoes

Go all the way up with platform shoes or show your kitsch style with jelly sandals.


pink sleeveless crop top with butterfly design

Have fun with these sexy tops and put a fresh spin on your outfits.


purple shoulder Y2k bag

Find the “It” bag that would work well with any outfit.


Y2k black shorts with fire design

Strut what you got with these shorts. Fancy!