Y2k bandanas

With the return of the Y2k trend, we can’t forget the ever so popular bandana. Once worn by RnB and pop stars like Aailiyah, Ciara and JLo (yes, you heard me right, not Jennifer Lopez 😉 ), this never-fail accessory can complete any look.

We have all the types of Y2k bandanas your heart can desire. Buy one and use it as a top… or be crafty and make your own designs with an ultra-big bandana. You also can’t miss our varied collection of prints that can go with any of your outfits. If you want some inspiration, we even show you the most famous bandana Y2k hairstyles at the end of the page!

Y2k bandana top

Give this this alluring top a go and pair it with loose jeans. It´ll give off a casual street style look that you can wear in the club.

Y2k headscarf bandanas

Try out wrapping these around your head and match it with our rimless sunglasses to give the OG early 2000s look. And if you have hesitations, just follow JLo’s advice: Life is meant to be big fun , you’re not hurtin’ anyone.
Nobody loses!

The 100 uses of a Y2k bandana

This accessory is light, pretty and… has many uses! Either if you want it as a top, t-shirt or hat, a bandana can be adapted to meet your purpose. Typically they are worn on the head, so check the following tutorial to find some of the most famous bandana hairstyles!

Y2k bandana hairstyles – tutorial

The materials we have selected are from the best quality, so you can use and wash them a thousand times without losing its amazing look. And if you haven’t checked already, their price is just ridiculous (even less than 1$ per unit)! In just 24 hours you’ll be ready to shine with one.

Be quick because some of them have a very high demand and can get out of stock very quickly. So the sooner you buy your favourite Y2k fashion bandana, the sooner you make sure you get it home.

Along with Y2k bandanas, we also recommend…


plastic butterfly hair clips

These playful accessories complete an otherwise boring look.


a sexy and cute costume from an early 2000s movie

Why not go all in? Dress up as your favorite character during Y2k era!


green rectangle Y2k sunglasses

Flex your Y2k fashion with the coolest sunglasses and protect your beautiful eyes from the Sun.

Hats & Caps

pink trucker hat with Y2k design

We predict these hats and caps are here to stay!


heart belt chain worn with red skirt with heart design

Make a statement and make your jewelry louder than anyone else.


lime green Y2k wide-legged cargo pants

Dare to be different with cargo pants, capris and pants in shiny material.


denim pleated Y2k skirt with butterfly chain belt

Whether you like them micro-mini or longer, try on varying styles that best suit you.


pink sexy Y2k velour set with red hearts design

Be a Mean Girl in your velour bedazzled tracksuit.


rhinestone butterfly glittery stickers

Butterflies, glitters and rainbows! You can never have enough stickers to show your personality.


checkered Y2k cardigan with diagonal closure

Wear these on their own or coordinate it with a matching top.