Y2k bags

We just love Y2k bags! 😛 At the dawn of social media and paparazzi frenzy in the early 2000s, street style was born and reality stars like The Kardashians rose to popularity … and with them is the concept of the It-Bag.

Back then, for you to be considered somebody you gotta have -not just anyone’s bag. You have to have the hottest designer bag! But nowadays you don’t need to spend a lot of moolah to look like a fashionista. Look through our collection of cute and cheap Y2k bags that will definitely land you on the best-dressed list.

Buy the cutest Y2k shoulder bags

No need to scour thrift stores for Y2k vintage bags, here we’ve collected Carrie Bradshaw approved Y2k handbags.

These shoulder bags and purses might look small and will most probably not fit our huge-display cellphones. Be that as it may, they pack a lot of style…enough to carry your whole outfit. Use them in a fancy dinner, party or trip.

Snatch a Y2k totebag

Going to the library, the grocery or just spending a day out on town? The tote bag is the the perfect bag for you. Here is our pick of easy to carry bags that fit any budget. From your everyday canvas tote bags that carry the Y2k aesthetic to totes that carry a designer name. Take your pick ! Suitable for grocery, books, shopping, as a gift…

Looking for a Y2k fluffy bag?

These set of very soft and plush bags are not just a treat for the touch, they are eye-candy as well. No doubt, everyone will be asking you where did you get such a cute bag. We hope you remember who gave you the inspiration ;).

Y2k backpacks never get old

Are you looking for a cool y2k schoolbag or just want a bag that finally fits everything you need? Either way, we are sure you will find a Y2k backpack that suits your lifestyle from our picks.

Along with Y2k bags, we also recommend…


plastic butterfly hair clips

These playful accessories complete an otherwise boring look.


a sexy and cute costume from an early 2000s movie

Why not go all in? Dress up as your favorite character during Y2k era!


green rectangle Y2k sunglasses

Flex your Y2k fashion with the coolest sunglasses and protect your beautiful eyes from the Sun.

Hats & Caps

pink trucker hat with Y2k design

We predict these hats and caps are here to stay!


heart belt chain worn with red skirt with heart design

Make a statement and make your jewelry louder than anyone else.


lime green Y2k wide-legged cargo pants

Dare to be different with cargo pants, capris and pants in shiny material.


denim pleated Y2k skirt with butterfly chain belt

Whether you like them micro-mini or longer, try on varying styles that best suit you.


pink sexy Y2k velour set with red hearts design

Be a Mean Girl in your velour bedazzled tracksuit.