Y2k baby tees

The t-shirts are your no ordinary t-shirts! 😛 Our collection of Y2k baby tees have the hottest prints and the catchiest statements that will melt any Millenials nostalgic hearts.

If you are wondering what is a what is a Y2k baby tee? It’s practically a crop top that is sometimes loose on the chest area but very form fitting on the arms and waist. Definitely, it highlights your arms and abs that is why it perfectly matches with low rise bottoms and hip chains.

So have fun and take a look at our selection and stop wondering where to buy them!

The best Y2k graphic baby tees

If you want to dip your toes in the Y2k trend, we highly recommend going for our picks of graphic baby tees. This collection includes bright cyber psychedelic colors and dark graphic themes. You will definitely find one that you can incorporate in your outfit and give off the Y2k aesthetic.

We believe one of the most Y2k outfits is one of these tees together with high-waist jeans. This will make you show your belly button in a daring way while your waist will show off your shape. If you don’t think so, check below… 👇

Cute Pink y2k baby tees

The favorite color of the early 2000s with the best of the basics, P-I-N-K! We made sure to pick pink baby tees that are cute and edgy. For everyone to know that you have sugar, spice and everything nice. And if that is not clear enough, you can also pick a Y2k slogan tee that best describes your current feelings or personality. If women like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears could do it in the nineties… Why not you too now?

Enjoy browsing and see what’s your favorite!

Snatch some Black Y2k baby tees

Don’t be that girl that says “See you later, boy” to the skater boy. With our collection of black Y2k tees you can even make Avril Lavigne swoon. Just don’t forget to pair them with your cargo pants or pleated skirts.

Emo, gothic, grunge or black metal style can be really cool! A skeleton (or skull) is no longer just a symbol of death, but of daring, Carpe Diem and desire to live in the moment. They will still make you look cool, delicate and… hot!

Or maybe Brown Y2k baby tees?

The brown color has become so trendy and versatile! It wasn’t a color that was popular in the 2000s, but mashing it with Y2k styles and statement logos creates a modern vibe to the noughties trend.

But… Why brown? Reality is, this color has many shades and therefore can be perfectly adapted to your skin color. In this way, you will wear a neutral color that will suit your skin and that, at the same time, will go well with everything in your wardrobe. You do not believe it? Try one of these Y2k aesthetic brown shirts!

The fanciest White Y2k baby tees

Finally , the holy grail of baby tees... the white tee! These t-shirts will do a lot of work as you navigate your way around the world of Y2k fashion. You can practically wear them over and over again, and it will keep you looking fresh and cool.

Our collection of white tees have the coolest prints the market has to offer. The airbrushed and graffiti ones are a must, but some other styles also represent this aesthetics movement with perfection. Grab one white Y2k shirt design before they are gone!

Transform your old boring T-Shirts into Y2k (DIY)

We also take care of your pocket and, of course, the environment. If you also have a handful of shirts to which you want to give a new life (and a new look), discover a simple way from the hand of our beloved Fashion Wizardy.

You will learn 2 super easy techniques to upgrade your shirts:

In the first example, you will need to pick 2 different tees (the most different they are, the better) as you will cut them in half and join them together, creating a very interesting and urban effect.

In the second example, you will just need 1 t-shirt, cut it shorter and attach fancy pearls in the middle (simulating buttons). This will give a glamorous and stylish effect.

In the video, she uses a sewing machine, but obviously it can also be done without one (with a little more time and patience). Give it a try and once you master these 2 techniques, you will be able to transform and design your own Y2k shirts while saving money. Isn’t that wonderful?

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