Y2k accessories

Welcome Y2k lovers! If you are here it means that you would like to inject some noughtiness into your life and we fully support that! We love Y2k accessories! 😉 Our collection of kitsch products will either give you a full-blown “early 2000s RnB pop star” look or a just drop a hint of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde into your wardrobe.

In Y2k Fashion Shop we strongly believe that style is always defined by the details… So have fun with all our Y2k fashion accessories anddiscover our cheapest and most varied selection of Y2k adornments and brands that will make you the next aoughties it-girl. ❤️

Add a cute Y2k hair clip

Hair clips are probably one of the trendiest (and cheapest) Y2k hair accessories you can flex. Claw clips and pom pom hair ties immediately give the early 2000s vibe , but nothing like Y2k butterfly clips will give you that nostalgia. Mariah Carey will definitely approve!

Wear a trendy Y2k headband

The trendy scarf headband is so easy to pull off. You can either use an actual scarf and tie it around your head to make a headband. Though, let’s just make it easier and kitschier by buying a headband that just looks like a scarf. You’ll be a RnB princess in no time.

Your ideal cyber Y2k accessories

You still miss the early 2000s and want to keep the style of that period at all cost. And we know it! Take a look at some of the best products below for you to wear or give as a present. How can you not love these tiny grungy Y2k aesthetic accessories? Just get one!

The best Y2k car accessories

Do you remember when you were mesmerized with the car transformations in the show Pimp my Ride? Well, we are here to tell you that you don’t need to put a jacuzzi in your van to achieve that Y2k aesthetic. Here are some key items we’ve collected that would even make the rapper Xzibit jealous… You’re welcome!

Ultra-Pink and Girly car accessories

We love PINK! If this is a color that you also identify with, check out these products… 😉

Bling car interior accessories

They are not original diamons, but they shine like they are! Everyone will love one of these y2k items in your car, 100% guaranteed.

Cute car accessories

Grab one of these “cuties” and explore the (no)limits of y2k fashion. Check their price, you will be surprised!

Y2k accessories for your bedroom

If you want your room to look like you just stepped in one of the Mean Girls’ bedroom… then look no further! We have all the fetch-iess items that will definitely transport you back to the noughties!

Shop Y2k phone accessories and key chains

Remember your very first phone and how much you loved accessorising it? Everyone wanted to have the newest and coolest looking phone during the early 2000s. Here we’ve brought back the coolest accessories on your phone back then and up to now!

Carry your phone like Ja Rule in Put it on me, and stop using plain straps for your mobile. At the end of the day, you are most of the time with it, so why not spending some time in making it trendy? Get a fancy case or a keychain!

Along with Y2k accessories, we also recommend…


Nails with Y2k aesthetic of pink glittery flames

Amp up your look with the trendiest nail designs of Y2k.